Payment Options

Fees depend upon the complexity of the case.  The options are full representation, limited scope representation and court appearance only. The firm also contracts experienced paralegals to assist those who simply need paperwork prepared and will represent themselves in court.

Many family law cases only require one or two hearings and in many of these cases it would be more affordable to hire FRLG on a Limited Scope basis, where you pay a fixed fee for preparation of your documents and a fixed fee for attorney representation.  Conversely, complex issues such as custody battles and divorces with multiple issues may require full legal representation.

At FRLG we provide you with the most affordable option and estimated costs without sacrificing the firms number one obligation to you,  the client, competent, diligent and professional representation.

FULL ATTORNEY REPRESENTATION consists of the client paying a retainer fee under which the attorney then bills the client by the hour at a set rate for his services, associate attorney fees, paralegal fees and costs. Under this agreement, the firm handles all aspects of the case including paperwork, service and filing of documents, court appearances, communications between all the parties involved and fact and information gathering, commonly known a “;discovery’.

LiMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION  is limited to the preparation of documents as agreed upon by the client and the firm and the corresponding court appearance is handled by our attorneys.

In addition, the fee for this service will cover a certain number of phone calls and conferences.

If or when phone calls and conferences exceed the norm for this type of representation, we will discuss with you other options to keep you well represented.