I can’t say enough about Mr. LaRocca and his paralegal staff. Mr. LaRocca is a very intelligent attorney and is a down to earth person.

I really owe a great amount of thanks to Mr. LaRocca’s law office. He was able to keep things moving along peacefully during a very emotional and financially fueled divorce.

I was in an awful situation which was complicated by unreasonable requests and demands from my ex-wife and her attorney.  We had only been married for two years yet they were requesting half of what I owned prior to marriage and during marriage. To make things even more complicated her attorney was from the law firm that we had sought legal advise prior to marriage about a prenuptial agreement. The firm advised that we did not need one and that we both owned similar assets and retirement funds. During the divorce it was revealed that she did not have the same assets or retirement fund but was flat broke. The documents that the firm showed were not true and that I was to pay spousal support and give a portion of my retirement to her for the rest of her life for a two year marriage.

I reached out to Mr. LaRocca and advised him of my situation and he was able to assist me with my case and get a divorce settlement that was manageable.

Mr. LaRocca will go above and beyond for you as a client, make you feel as if you’re his only client and you’ll trust him implicitly.  He makes you feel like you matter and that you are person not just a case

Thank you to Mr. LaRocca and staff for all of your amazing work, and emotional support.

Mike O

Lawrence luckily took my case after the lawyer I initially hired took my retainer and ran. I didn’t have any money left, so Lawrence worked with me and only charged me for work done as needed. I wouldn’t have been able to get through the court process without either of them. Due to my circumstances (kids and house) the divorce was put on hold and I’ve been cohabitating with my ex under separation status for several years. I contacted Lawrence to get it going again and he remembered right where I was at and what needs to be done. Lawrence also recommended yoga to me years ago, and I’ve been a steady practitioner for the past 5 1/2 years. I’m very grateful for the positive benefits that conversation had on my life.

John R

I have retained attorney La Rocca twice and the results were better than expected on each occasion. I was falsely accused and and wrongfully arrested on a domestic violence charge. I almost just pled guilty since there was no jail time. When I was served with a restraining order and realized I could not see my children and I was at immediate risk of losing custody I asked around and was referred to Lawrence by a close friend. Lawrence made me feel welcome, and comforted knowing that he had experience in dealing with issues like mine. The end result was in my favor, and I am ecstatic. The other plus side of hiring this attorney was the fees, and the option of full retainer or limited scope representation. I chose the latter because it fit my situation best and allowed me the security of knowing I has an experienced family law lawyer on my side. Thanks Lawrence for everything! I recommend Lawrence without reservation!


Lawrence LaRocca is an intelligent, articulate attorney with integrity. He and his staff are able to handle sensitive issues with professionalism and grace. I found myself in need of a divorce attorney at a time when I was completely unprepared. Lawrence handled the entire process with great expertise. My situation was not typical, yet despite the challenges, Lawrence was able to readily build a solid case. While he prepared me for a realistic outcome, the end result exceeded my expectations. His primary concern was in achieving the best possible outcome for me, not what would have earned him the largest fee. He guided me through a very difficult period in my life with a high level of skill and a great deal of compassion ad understanding. I can’t ever thank him adequately for protecting me and helping me through my divorce. I recommend him without hesitation. If Lawrence is not the right person for your case or situation, he will guide you to the right person.

Lisa G

I just wanted to say thank you Lawrence and staff. You guys have been a big part of my life, you guys were there for me when I was at my all time low! You kept me going and I kept fighting for custody for my daughter. And after all the years you helped me get full custody, even when my finances where ow you never gave up. I really respect that, not only I’m your client but we developed a friendship. And I know if I every need guys again you will be there. You guys have been good friends to me over 14 years now and I would recommend you to anyone!